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Access Lane Releases MyHome Home Inventory Application

Lewisville, TX - November 10, 2010 – Access Lane, Inc. today released "MyHome:  Home Inventory".  MyHome tracks and organizes all the possessions in your home or apartment for insurance tracking.  Entering information into the MyHome app is painless and including pictures of each item could not be simpler with MyHome's easy-to-use and intuitive user-interface. MyHome is compatible with all phones and tablets that run the Android operating system.  MyHome Pro is a paid version that supports an unlimited number of items and each item can include up to 10 pictures.  MyHome Lite is a Free application that allows users to catalog up to 10 items with a one picture per item max.

MyHome Pro and MyHome Lite are available on the Android Market.  To find out more about MyHome Lite and MyHome Pro, please visit the dxTop product page of the website.


Access Lane Releases dxTop Lite

Lewisville, TX - August 4, 2010 – Access Lane, Inc. today released a new member to the dxTop family dxTop Lite.  dxTop Lite is a free Android application that offers much of the functionality of the full version of dxTop, which is now called dxTop Pro.

dxTop Lite is available on the Android Market and from our website.  To find out more about dxTop Lite and dxTop Pro, including a product comparison, please visit the dxTop product page of the website.


Access Lane Releases dxTop 3.0

Lewisville, TX - June 21, 2010 – Access Lane, Inc. today released a major revision of dxTop with version 3.0.  The new version of dxTop introduces many new features and includes support for the new version of the Android OS, version 2.2 also called Froyo.  Some of the new features include the Dial Bar and a Recent Activity Widget.  To see a complete list of new features, see the dxTop section of the site.



T-Mobile USA launches Themes

Lewisville, TX - Feb. 25, 2010 – Access Lane, Inc. today announced that T-Mobile USA launched Access Lane's themes in T-Mobiles initial roll-out of the themes content type.

Access Lane included a number a themes in T-Mobile's launch and will support all of T-Mobile's handsets that support themes.  "We are excited to be a part of T-Mobile's theme launch and look forward to working with T-Mobile to make the theme's content type a success"  said Jason Day, Access Lane's CEO.


Access Lane Gives Back to the Community

Access Lane Team, Christmas 2009

Lewisville, TX - Dec. 18, 2009 – In the spirit of Christmas, Access Lane employees gathered over $500 worth of personal hygiene products to donate to Christian Community Action of Lewisville, Texas.


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