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Themes are a revolution in mobile personalization, delivering a consumer experience far greater than today’s wallpaper and ringtones.

A wallpaper , today, only customizes the idle screen.  What happens when the user browses to a different screen on their phone?  Themes customize the entire user interface of the phone.


Mobile device personalization is all about a person’s PASSION.  It’s two pronged:

  • A  more intimate customization (that only the user sees) via graphics and menus
  • A more public customization (that all those around experience) via a ringtone or even a screensaver.

Themes allow the end user to represent their PASSION (both sides) – all in a SINGLE DOWNLOAD!

Themes allow the end user to customize everything about the look of their device’s interface as well as set a ringtone and screensaver.

Most common Theme elements are:

  • Wallpaper/Idle screen
  • Ringtone
  • Menu Background
  • Pop-ups and Navigation elements
  • Screensaver
  • UI color scheme
  • Icons
  • Animation