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dxTop Pro and dxTop Lite : Android Home Alternatives

dxTop 3.0 preview

dxTop is an alternative to the Android home interface. When you install dxTop it will install as an alternative to the default Home interface allowing you to choose which one to use. Pressing the Home button on the phone prompts you to choose which Home interface to use and you can set dxTop as the default so you won't have to choose anymore.

Latest News:  dxTop PRO and LITE versions 3.1.1 include 3 new features:

  • Hide the Status Bar
  • Shortcuts for the Application Drawer and System Drawer (can be placed in the Dock or on any Home Screen)
  • Drag-and-drop applications into categories

dxTop 3.0: With dxTop version 3.0 you now have the following great new features:

1) New Dial Bar interface

2) New menu look

3) Recent Activity Widget

4) Integrated with MyBackupPro for a complete backup of your dxTop data.

Why is it better?


Lightweight with sophisticated persistent mode to help prevent long waits returning back home. Unlike other home replacement application, dxTop does not make other applications suffer when using persistent mode. When another app requires more memory, dxTop will release memory to free memory, but keep enough to allow a fast startup for when you return.

Application Categories

Switching to the Categories view in the application drawer will allow you to start putting your applications into categories. Just pick up the application and drop it without moving opens the context menu and allows you to set the category. Soon you will have all your applications in categories for easy access.

  • To switch to the categories view, open the application drawer, press menu then select change View. Categories is one of the views in the menu that pops up.
  • Use the dxTop Application Category live folder to access a category from a screen folder.
  • Rename or delete a category by long clicking on it.

Themes and Icons

Themes are available on the Android market. Press the menu button on your phone, and pick Appearance from the pop-up menu.
Support for aHome and 3rd party Open Home themes. Open Home themes released by BetterAndroid have encoded icon names are will not load the icons, all 3rd party themes seem to work just fine.
Support for BetterAndroid's icon packs. Just long-click an icon (pick it up and drop it without moving) and the context menu will open allowing you to change the icon or rename the shortcut.

Blue Flames Theme Cherry Blossoms Theme Grim Reaper Theme HD Black Skull Theme Hooters Theme Lightning Theme

Passion Theme Platinum Theme Polka Dots Theme Red and Black Theme Smoke Theme Stardust Theme

Passion Theme

Dial Bar

Swipe the tabs right to bring in the Dial Bar. Use the dial bar to quickly launch the phone's core functions like contacts, messages, browser, gmail, etc.  Long press the left and right buttons to select the functionality you want.  In the middle of the dial bar is the drawer which can be customized to be the app drawer or the system drawer by long pressing on the middle of the bar.  Try it out, we think you will love it!


Swipe the tabs left to bring in the 5 icon dock. Drag items to the dock, or long-press on it to open the add menu. Using folders on the dock is an excellent way to add groups of applications with just a single click. The dock can even support widgets that are designed to take up one space, just add the widget to the screen and drag it to the dock.

Context menu (Long-press an application and drop, or long-press track ball while application is highlighted

*Picking up an icon, then dropping it without moving, or highlight with the trackball and long press the trackball will bring up a context menu that will allow you to rename and change the screen icon, view details about an application or search for the application on the market

Five screens

Unlike the default home interface where you have three screens and to get from the left screen to the right, you have to scroll past the center screen, dxTop offers four screens that are all accessible with a single swipe. For any screen, just swipe up, down, left or right to access any one of the directional screens. No more double swiping to get to a screen.

Dual Drawers

There are now two drawer handles for viewing applications.

The Left drawer is the existing all application view we are all used to. Using the context menu, you can hide applications from the drawer. Multiple sorting views are also available to sort applications by size and last install date.

The other new drawer is a view that shows a combination of recent run applications along with currently running applications . It even shows what applications are running as services. Users running firmware 1.5 and can kill applications and services using this tab.

The recent/running apps tray color codes the application name as follows:

  • Red = Application is currently running
  • Yellow = Application is not running, but it is running as a service
  • White = Application is not running anymore

Cherry Blossoms Theme

Long press the menu button to open the all applications tab, and long press the back button to access the recent applications tab.

Live Folders

Live Folders allow dxTop to show information in a folder that is provided to dxTop from another application. Search the market for live folders to find these applications. Some examples are digg.com headlines and call logs.

Full Widgets Support.

Widgets are fully supported in dxTop and widgets that are 1 cell tall and 1 cell wide can even be placed on the dock