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Feature Comparison Chart

Wondering what the different between dxTop Pro and dxTop Lite is?  Here is a chart that provides a feature comparison between dxTop Pro and dxTop Lite:

Features dxTop Lite dxTop Pro
Quick Screen Navigation
Quickly switch between screens with dxTop's unique diamond screen layout
Luancher Views
Select from the Dial Bar, Dual Drawers or the Dock
Theme Support
Chose from the many great themes available
Category Folders
Home screen folders that dynamically match the app drawer categories
System Drawer
Manage memory more effiently by killing unwanted apps and services

No "Kill All" Option
Oraganize Your Apps
Find apps quickly by placing apps in Categories
Limited to 3 Categories
Screen Transitions
Cube, Squish, Slide, Twist and Fade transition effects
Slide and Squish Only
Lock Screen
iPhone style lock screen
MyBackupPro Integration
Backup your dxTop configuration and settings with MyBackupPro!
Protect your Privacy
Hide apps you don't want to see or don't want others to see